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Institution: Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee Nr./No.: 16
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Japan, a candidate of COP10, copes with promoting the fulfillment of the
Convention on Biological Diversity with the collaboration among various
sectors including the national government, local governments, economic
circles and NGOs.
For the purpose of advancing further such efforts, the Japanese Government
formulated the 3rd National Biodiversity Strategy of Japan last November,
and based on that, the Government is strongly driving forward the kinds of
In Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, where is the projected venue of COP10, the
local governments and economic circles (four organizations of Aichi
Prefectural Government, the City of Nagoya, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce &
Industry, Chubu Economic Federation) founded Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD
Promotion Committee and the promotion of COP10 is also progressing in the
local area.
For the region, hosting COP10 will provide an opportunity to develop local
actions for the purpose of promoting further
international contributions and the conservation of biodiversity in the
In economic circles, the Committee on Nature Conservation was founded in
1992 by Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), a comprehensive
economic organization in Japan. Since that, the Committee deals with
enlightening and popularizing the activity of business enterprises to the
conservation of biodiversity, and supporting the activity of both national
and international NGOs.

Name of exhibitor:
Aichi-Nagoya COP10 CBD Promotion Committee
2-1, Sannomaru 3-Chome, Naka-ku
460-0001 Nagoya
Country: Japan
Phone: 0081-52/9727778
Fax: 0081-52/9727822

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