29.05.2008 - Forenzelt I
16:00 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr
Landscape Auctions – An Investment Tool for Nature
Auctions represent a new instrument in the conservation finance toolbox. It was introduced very successfully in the Netherlands: within a short time hundreds of thousands of euros have been generated for the maintenance of orchards, hedges, ponds, and walking tracks. It is a clear signal that people, whether individuals, families or businesses, care about their environment.

Meanwhile the successful concept stretches far beyond the Dutch borders and now landscape elements from all over the world can be purchased in live auctions or bought online. From Amur panters in Siberia and snow leopards in Mongolia to the salary of a guard or a fire fighting squad, from rain shelters in Brazil to educational tours for schools to Namibian cheetahs… People can decide what projects they would like to support and what fits their budget: it makes the perfect gift either for oneself or for someone else.

To show how this new finance tool for biodiversity works out in practice we will organise a live-auction as a side-event in Bonn. What better place then during the CBD to show your commitment to the conservation of nature?

All bids are clearly labelled, ensuring that the money paid for a particular landscape element is only spent on that element. This is key to the concept of landscape auctions: a direct link between payments and product. When the money paid for an element exceeds the cost, the auctioneer and the bidder determine on what additional element that extra money should be spent.
Gerda Verburg, Minister for Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, The Netherlands
Astrid Klug, Vice-Minister for Environment, Germany (tbc)
Marion Hammerl, President, Global Nature Fund
Tom Bade, Director, Triple E
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