28.05.2008 - Forenzelt I
12:30 Uhr bis 14:00 Uhr
Films for Biodiversity - "Voices of the Chichinautzin" (Film and discussion panel)
This is the story of indigenous communities living south of Mexico City, risking their lives to protect the forests and mountains against the relentless expansion of the capital city.

These communities are located in the Chichinautzin biological corridor connecting two naturally protected areas. This is an area of very high biodiversity and a place of great scientific importance. However, faced with intense development pressures it is proving difficult to balance conservation of the biodiversity, with secure livelihoods for the local communities and seemly insatiable demands of the urban population."
Luis Patron Ibarra
United Nations University – Educational Media Producer
Voices of the Chichinautzin documentary Producer and Co-director

Topiltzin Contreras MacBeth
Director of the Advisory Committee of the Chichinautzin
Morelos State Autonomous University

Adelmo David Caffagni Portillo
Subdirector of the Chichinautzin Biological Corridor

United Nations University-Media Studio
53-70, Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-8925, Japan

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Luis Patron Ibarra
United Nations University – Educational Media Producer