28.05.2008 - Forenzelt II
18:00 Uhr bis 19:30 Uhr
Business and Biodiversity- Perspectives of European NGOs
Business directly and indirectly benefits from the diversity of intact ecosystems, biological and genetic biodiversity in extracting raw materials, producing, selling and marketing of products. Up to now the private sector has not systematically acknowledged the importance of biological diversity and most corporates have not developed or implemented strategies and action plans for the preservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. The current “Business and Biodiversity” initiatives by the EU and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment aim to encourage corporates to commit themselves to the protection of biological diversity and adopting biodiversity management strategies. But do these initiatives have an impact on the biodiversity performance of business? What has been the role of NGOs in the business and biodiversity-process so far and what expectations do European NGOs have of the business and biodiversity initiatives?
Paula Silva, Quercus, Portugal: NGO Lisbon-Declaration on Business and Biodiversity
Anamarija Slabe, Institute for Sustainable Development, Slovenia: Forest Biodiversity: NGO & Business Partnerships in Forestry and Wood Sector – Expectations of Partners and Prevention of Greenwashing
Stefan Hörmann, Global Nature Fund, Germany: Business and Biodiversity Initiatives for the Future
Andras Demeter, European Commission (tbc)
Silja Dressel, Germany’s Business and Biodiversity Intiative (tbc)
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